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An Eye for Art: Focusing on Great Artists and Their Work

4.6 ( 7216 ratings )
Sviluppatore xxt
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Do you know the life stories about the great calligrapher Zhang Xu and Wang Xizhi in ancient China?
Are you curious about Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile?
Why couldn’t Picasso afford to buy his own paintings?
Do you want to unveil the mystery of the desirable art world?
Collecting famous artists and works at all times all over the world, this app is a key for kids to the artistic world.
Every piece of work here carries wisdom of an artist. For example, the mysterious Mona Lisa, lamenting Van Gogh, thought-provoking The Thinker, Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, enchanting dances and songs, etc. This app has comprehensive knowledge and contents concerning multiple fields, which will be helpful to broaden kids’ knowledge and cultivate correct values of their life.
Humorous stories, effective knowledge points, classic works, and exquisite paintings in this app can thoroughly lead kids to the desirable art world.

【Characteristic of the app】

Collection of famous artists and works at all times all over the world
Comprehensive knowledge concerning multiple fields
Exquisite pictures
Full interactive reading experience

【Customer reviews】

Describing the artists’ life with interesting stories, this app is not boring at all.
--- Wilson
This app has comprehensive knowledge concerning multiple fields, famous artists, movies and writings at all times all over the world, which will be useful to broaden kid’s knowledge scope.
--- Joe
It contains some artists in ancient China, which can infuse kids to the historical culture thoroughly.
--- Frank

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